In addition to the manufacturing resources that CB Fabricating offers, we also provide our customers with valuable services to help them manage their manufacturing-related issues and increase profitability. Often we are able to leverage our years of experience in the manufacturing industry to help our customers simplify processes, increase productivity, solve problems, and reduce costs. Below are just some of the services that we offer to our customers.

Inventory Control

At CB Fabricating, we have a cost-conscious mindset that we apply to our own operation as well as to yours. We make sure that we maximize the output from the raw materials you supply. By thinking outside the box and applying innovative solutions to get the most production from your raw materials, we can help you keep your costs low and your profitability high.

Quality Management System

Our quality management system sets CB Fabricating apart from its competitors. It allows us to “follow” our products as they move throughout our plant and reduce or eliminate instances of nonconformance to specifications. By allowing us more control over our processes, our quality management system enables us to deliver products of the highest quality and foster optimal customer satisfaction.

Design Input

With our extensive experience in manufacturing, CB Fabricating’s leadership team has the knowledge and insight to effectively evaluate your designs. Often we are able to recommend changes which can reduce your manufacturing costs while maintaining the design integrity of your product.


CB Fabricating is conveniently located in Anderson, Indiana, just 30 minutes northeast of Indianapolis, the Crossroads of America. Our location provides easy access to all of the Midwest--including Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky--and a convenient central location for shipping across the United States. We also offer expertise in getting your custom fabricated metal parts where you need them to go. By optimizing loads and minimizing trips, we can help you mitigate the high cost of transportation your products. Take advantage of our manufacturing industry expertise and connections to solve even your toughest logistical issues.

Kiosk Production

Custom kiosks are currently in high demand from customers seeking personalized kiosks with complex designs constructed with high-quality metal materials. CB Fabricating delivers highly technical custom kiosks that incorporate and protect valuable vending and transaction processing electronics and equipment. With a thorough understanding of the entire process, we can design, fabricate, manufacture, assemble, and ship sophisticated and reliable kiosks that will provide you with years of service.

Our kiosk designers are experienced with many types of peripherals, including printers, bill acceptors, scanners, Wi-Fi and cellular, and touch-screen monitors. We also have the capability to add custom electronics to our kiosks, which has proved valuable to many of our customers. The skilled technicians of CB Fabricating possess the thorough understanding of sheet metal, welding, assembly, powder coating, and documentation that are critical to producing high-quality kiosks. When approached with a kiosk project, we use the following process:

  1. Listen carefully to your needs and define the project scope.
  2. Develop a concept that fits with your needs, budget, and overall objectives.
  3. Create a prototype of the hardware.
  4. Complete the production process and deliver your product to you on time and to your specifications.
  5. Continue to serve as your one point of contact for service and support.

Whether your kiosk project is straightforward or complex, CB Fabricating has the design expertise and stringent quality management control to give your product a competitive advantage.

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Optimized design and product layout saves material

CB works to reduce your cost of materials and shipping by optimizing design and production layout and managing your parts and materials inventory and logistics.


Monitoring product design and quality control

Evaluating product design and ensuring quality control to provide you the best value on every order.


Custom metal fabricated ticket kiosk

Custom designed, fabricated, and assembled kiosks can incorporate and securely house wireless technology, computer hardware, printers, and touchscreen capabilities to automate and speed up on-site sales.